Name of a pug !
Fashion has a new inspiration

by Laetitia

Elevated to celebrity status after being noticed in Louis Vuitton (2011-2012) advertising campaigns and Valentino’s (2013) or appearing in the pages of Vogue the Pugs are definitely fashion STARS.

The Pugs are models for many Tumblr blogs and Instagram accounts, in which their owners dress them and "humanize" their dog. Personally, as the owner of a beautiful Golden, I find it a little much to dress your dog other than for weather necessities! But it turns out that the trend is a crowd pleaser, as confirmed by the Chinese Ad Campaign "Glamour Sales" (one of the largest fashion sites of the country ) where the dog replaces the usual supermodel.  It makes noise !
And if their cute faces are found today in nail stickers, jewelery and sprayed on bags and t -shirts, the Pugs are so cute you cannot resist them! Will you fall for it and wear a nice dress or accessory in its honor ? Check out the clothing selection to promote PUG POWER :-)